Monthly Archives: November 2018

Drawing Barriers

Who said that we have gained our independence. What did we achieve after all those freedom fighters getting slaughtered by the British people? Have we earned it yet? Corruption and politics still prevail like a stigma in our society and democracy dying a painful death every other day. The murder of an innocent in due to just a rumour that he had consumed beef has shook the nation’s comman man. Why aren’t we able to see the reason behind the creation of such crimes and the people behind it?

Democracy was created to bring about a change and difference in the lives of our citizens. But today we just read those rights without any context with our lives. Reality is so cruel!

Now we can’t even decide what are we supposed to eat? This is just a game play, which takes a terrific twist when added the words ‘religious culture ‘ to it. Has our humanity stooped so low ? The ban on beef was one major reasons that sowed the seed of the crime. But what about the illiterate fanatics which get carried away and are disrupting the harmony which prevails.

So barriers are drawn on rumours which being the main ingredient in the murder of the little humanity we have left. The government has been helping the victim’s family but the ban on beef has already done it’s part. No doubt our nation’s unity, being a target of political systems, needs citizens that educate and revolutionalise our thinking and beliefs. Killing rumours would be a good start!