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Frozen Movie And A Dessert

Pleasing my baby is not an easy métier; and when the demand is spending quality time with your little buddy, a parent needs to disguise herself / himself as a kid even younger to them. As the world advances towards new technologies, the kids have become more demanding by nature; and never settle for less.

We as parents also endeavour a lot on providing the best for our little ones, be it anything from games to food. Especially, when it comes to food, I being a spontaneous cook , like to make something instead of ordering ,( when in mood , of course, coz ordering from out is much more painless.)

Yet another holiday today, and deciding something fruitful and funfull that can be implemented…. With Saarah .,, lol. I would recommend the movie Frozen with a delicious frozen dessert.

Wow !!! That sounds entrancing after a simple dinner, this heavy and nutritious dessert is surely to win your kid’s hearts. So get up and get going……

Frozen cheese cake


  1. 200 ml fresh cream
  2. I tin nestle cream
  3. 1 pack laughing cow cheese triangles
  4. 1 tin nestle milkmaid ( condensed milk)
  5. 1/2 cup milk
  6. I small pack of digestive / Marie biscuits
  7. 1/2 tinned pineapple slices cut in small pieces
  8. 1/2 cup chocolate syrup
  9. 1 cup cornflakes

Method: In a bowl , blend together the cheese, milks and creams. For the base, grind the biscuits and spread in a deep dish and freezeEdit for five mins. You can also break the pieces and add to the blended mixture .( Cake without base, to save time).

Pour the cream mixture over the base… If you are preparing without one, then pour directly in the dish. Add pineapple pieces and freeze for 6-8 hours on high. When well Frozen , top it with chocolate sauce and cornflakes . Make triangular pieces and serve.

You can top it with variety of toppings like strawberry , blueberry syrups, or fresh fruits or garnish with your choice of nuts too! As for the movie, it’s so amazing, you will want to watch it again with more yummy desserts. Yes you are right, more lovely recipes on the way. Till then , enjoy!!