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Staying Fit this World Health Day with Cambay Tiger

Come April 7 and everyone across the globe will be seen celebrating World Health Day. It is observed under the leadership of World Health Organization to draw the attention of people towards the importance of global health.

Staying fit and healthy plays an important role in our life, but nowadays people tend to ignore their health because of their hectic daily schedules.

This year I choose to stay fit and healthy with Cambay Tiger.
As Staying Fit comes into my mind, Eating Healthy is a means to stay fit, and Cambay Tiger stands best means to fulfill my wish.

What Is Cambay Tiger?
Cambay Tiger is the best fish & seafood suppliers in Mumbai and Delhi.
They buy only the freshest catch, which they then cart to their factory in refrigerated trucks.
They clean it, cut it, fillet it, marinate it, and then either turn it into ready-to-cook fish products or freeze it.
So checking out their website, I was impressed and thought to place an order for Pomfret.
The pomfret was fresh, and was perfectly packed.

The pomfret was perfectly clean, and I decided to make pomfret fry.

Below is my simple recipe of fish fry
5 to 6 pieces – fish

2 tsp – Red Chilli powder

1/2 tsp – coriander powder (optional)

1/2 tsp – Turmeric powder

1 tsp – Lime juice

Salt to taste

Oil to toast/deep fry

Method: Clean the fish, and marinate in the dry masala, then fry it in a tawa.

*Health Benefits of Seafood :

🐟. Promotes heart health

🦂.Good for your joints

🍤.Maintains eyesight

🐠.Boosts brainpower

🦀.Fights against depression

So, Guys now you know the drill, pure and freshest seafood is now just a click away. Don’t believe me; try it.

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Happy fishing!