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Style,Smile,Pout With #TigorStyleBack

The selfie has become a huge part of modern life. It has transformed the simple self-portrait into something more immediate and has grown in cultural importance – it’s been linked to identity, self-exploration and for fun. Something as simple as putting a camera on the front of a mobile device has created a cultural trend that looks set to last

While, Tata motors make way for their new sensation in automobiles, Tata Tigor, they are giving you something rewarding too. 

*Contest Alert – Tata Tigor Selfie Contest. This post is aimed at all those stylish folks who love to pose. If you think you are the Selfie Expert, then this is the time to show off your selfie skills ! Tata is on the lookout for a cool and stylish selfie with the Tigor and who knows you could be one of the lucky winners too. So here’s the deal:

  • Visit any Tata Motor showroom near you
  • Spot the Styleback Tata Tigor
  • Click a cool, stylish selfie of you and the Tigor
  • Share this selfie on your social media channels
  • Don’t forget to include the #TigorStyleback hashtag in the post and tag Tata Motors
  • Wait for the results.

If your selfie happens to please the judges, you can get a makeover ! Yes, if you are one of the lucky winner, you win yourself a Zara Makeover or vouchers from Zara. Well the Styleback Tigor rewards in a stylish manner, doesn’t it??