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She’s my closest friend, life guide and therapist!

It’s very hard to share my mum in words. I don’t know anyone like her. She continues to amaze and influence me in a positive way. She, unlike so many, lives by example and really does practice what she preaches. She is the most honest person I know. She is always over coming her inner battles to better herself and to teach her children to better themselves. She never ceases to keep a positive attitude no matter what life throws at her. She has shown me that life isn’t always easy; you have to work for what you want and never cease being open to opportunities.Yes,My Mom Exactly resembles Shashi From movie English Vinglish,Yes she is my #FilmyMom

The incredible thing about my mum though is that she’s not just a mother. She’s one of my closest friends, my guide through life, as well as my therapist and continues to play these various roles when I need them. She has given me the space to grow, allowed me to make mistakes so I can learn, guided me through the toughest storms and shown me that it’s okay not to be “perfect”.

Most importantly, she gave me self-esteem, self respect and self value. She’s taught me that relationships go both ways – give and take – and because of that and everything else, she has given me the most special and amazing people surround me. You could say she has given me my whole life and the meaning of it.

The best thing about my mum though is that she loves to celebrate life and that always goes hand in hand with a little bit of wine!

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