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Maintain Baby’s Skin!

Each child born on the planet is unique in it’s own way, and requires the utmost care necessary. As a tiny new Angel acquires a prominent role in a parent’s life, our paternal instincts get to work. We try considering the minutest details for our baby’s care and upbringing, and strive to make everything touch the core of perfection. One of our topmost concern is our baby’s skin, which needs intense nursing and love. 

So here are some simple yet useful tips regarding the same which will help new mothers  maintain their baby’s skin as soft as ever!

  1. Use parabens- free products

Before buying any product for your baby like soap , powder , shampoo etc. Make sure it’s parabens – free. ( a chemical used as a preservative in soaps, shampoos  other products ) 

2.Oats and milk paste

Grind oats and milk into a magical  paste and use for massaging your baby before bathing. Use baby fabric conditioner.

3.Wash your hands

Make sure you and anyone who wants to hold the baby always wash  hands thoroughly before doing so. 

4.Use of disinfects for moping

Keeping house floors , especially the baby play areas germ free is one of the highest priorities. Using disinfectants proved to be a great help in achieving our goal.

5. Using a baby fabric conditioner 

Often rashes occur due to baby’s clothing material which get a bit coarse as threads tend to loosen up after several washes, especially when dried out in open air. But this can be solved by using fabric conditioners especially designed for baby’s clothes which will keep their clothes soft and fresh.

Hope this post helps new parents in a better upbringing of their babies.

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