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All India celebrates the Holi festival – heralding the arrival of spring and the passing of winter. During the day hundreds of thousands of people will pour out into the streets for a crazy, joyful battle of rainbow-coloured powders.

Joyous colors of life
The festival is partly a celebration of the legend of Prahlad – a young follower of Vishnu who despite being carried into fire by the demoness Holika managed a miraculous escape – good triumphed over evil. In fact, there are many legends that are directly linked to Holi, and the reasons for celebration have evolved over time. It is thought that the festival may have existed several centuries before Christ, and although it started out bearing Holika’s name, it is now often simply known as ‘The Festival of Colours’.

The day after the full moon, before the festival began, bonfires will have been lit to remember Prahlad’s escape. Then an explosion of movement and colour will be painting entire villages, towns, and cities a myriad of intense colours. Many will be calling out this traditional Holi greeting:
“Bura na mano, Holi hai.

— Don’t mind, it’s Holi!

Traditions linked to the holi festival and its great bigg shoppingg vary all over India – the North is considerably more exuberant in its celebration than the South!

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