Social Threat : Judgementalism

I judge others,

For judging others,

It’s something we all do.

We look down on people ,

For looking down on people,

Even though we do it too.

These lines caught my eyes, and I know it’s not something of a lot of interest to talk about, but JUDGEMENTALISM is a disease untreated in our society till date, has been infecting the very rooted core of humanity since ages.

World threatening issues like Syrians being washed to the shore, downfall in world market and many more recieve the limelight these days. Of course posting a pic on Fb will get many likes, though there are only a few really helping . But what about the bigger issue prevailing in our own homes and around us between friends and families. Where relationships are scaled on the basis of our own perspective without even knowing what would it be like to step in someone else’s shoes.

We judge. When we whine about others doing so to us, why don’t we refrain from judging. Just for the sake of our heart’s complacency , we try to prove others wrong. But the worst thing is, not even realising that we too are doing the same thing of judging ( though it may be for trivial matters.)

Not smug yet? Still questioning yourself how often you do that? Still trying to recall if something of that sort happens by you too?

Here are some examples of incidents that will throw light on the matter:

  • Neighbour’s son breaks a pot in your lawn- Careless/Mannerless
  • Beggar comes begging- Lazy
  • Maid is late- Ugh, always those lame excuses
  • Your Cook made a dish salty by mistake-Not vigilant enough, Has lost interest in his duty
  • Tailor spoiled your fit- Idiotically careless
  • Husband/wife a bit late from work/tired -doesn’t love me like before
  • A friend ditches for shopping/lunch- doesn’t care/fake

And the list goes on…..

We may not say that aloud, but in our minds , our subconscious interprets all the wrong judgements promptly on the basis of half truths or incomplete facts, and this habit is rooted deep in our communities. Sometimes we don’t even bother do give a benefit of doubt before making the wrong assumptions.

So how do we cure ourselves and our kids (for starters)because charity should first begin at our very own homes. What is a greater charity to humanity than curbing this stigma of wrong judgements which ruins our decisions.

  • Give a thought before u assume

Wrong assumptions trigger negative thoughts and feelings. So relax and think twice.

  • Try reasoning

The moment you are caught in a situation of judging someone on his/her mistake or an excuse, reason with the person and try understanding their despair.

  • Stay neutral- minded

This trait will help your reasoning and make you decide better. Is- someone -worthy- of -your -trust- or- no kind of situation .

  • Try to step in their shoes(not literally)

Try imagining yourself in the person’s place you are about to judge. It’s easier that way when you have to take sides( in a two – party situation like fight or disagreement)

  • Let it go !

Someone just made you angry or didn’t fulfill your expectations ( eg:kids and their results .) let go and wait for a better day. No one is perfect including you.

  • Adjust and adapt

Some people will never change and you will have to deal with their crap forever. Never mind, try changing yourself. ( it’s easier said than done)

  • Be calm

Totally messed up scenarios requires a more subtle solution and a more intelligent person to remain calm. Make yourself that intelligent one!

So build a great life with greater values and inculcate open mindedness in your kids and family. Spread happiness and exuberance around you, build a better social culture and future. Do this not only for yourself but for your country too. Though your actions maybe small but happiness is contagious . So keep spreading love and stop judging wrongly!


Staying Fit this World Health Day with Cambay Tiger

Come April 7 and everyone across the globe will be seen celebrating World Health Day. It is observed under the leadership of World Health Organization to draw the attention of people towards the importance of global health.

Staying fit and healthy plays an important role in our life, but nowadays people tend to ignore their health because of their hectic daily schedules.

This year I choose to stay fit and healthy with Cambay Tiger.
As Staying Fit comes into my mind, Eating Healthy is a means to stay fit, and Cambay Tiger stands best means to fulfill my wish.

What Is Cambay Tiger?
Cambay Tiger is the best fish & seafood suppliers in Mumbai and Delhi.
They buy only the freshest catch, which they then cart to their factory in refrigerated trucks.
They clean it, cut it, fillet it, marinate it, and then either turn it into ready-to-cook fish products or freeze it.
So checking out their website, I was impressed and thought to place an order for Pomfret.
The pomfret was fresh, and was perfectly packed.

The pomfret was perfectly clean, and I decided to make pomfret fry.

Below is my simple recipe of fish fry
5 to 6 pieces – fish

2 tsp – Red Chilli powder

1/2 tsp – coriander powder (optional)

1/2 tsp – Turmeric powder

1 tsp – Lime juice

Salt to taste

Oil to toast/deep fry

Method: Clean the fish, and marinate in the dry masala, then fry it in a tawa.

*Health Benefits of Seafood :

🐟. Promotes heart health

🦂.Good for your joints

🍤.Maintains eyesight

🐠.Boosts brainpower

🦀.Fights against depression

So, Guys now you know the drill, pure and freshest seafood is now just a click away. Don’t believe me; try it.

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Happy fishing!

Classic Malt Selection Longue – A big Winner At LFW 2018

Luxurious and elegant, the Classic Malts Selection Lounge at the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week in Jio Garden Mumbai was the place to be for bloggers, celebrities and fashionistas.

From its wooden décor, plush leather couches and great Scottish ambiance, to the large selection of world class malts that was on offer, it was a much sought-after place for unwinding and relaxation amidst the hurly-burly of what was happening outside.

Besides the exquisite single malts, world class cocktails and delectable food platters, guests were also entertained with a range of unforgettable experiences by Diageo’s Reserve Brand Ambassador Jamie Walker with curated malt tastings and mixology sessions.

We were introduced to a unique experience, in which Jamie presented many of Scotland’s finest, most famous and richly storied Single Malt Scotch Whiskies like Talisker, Cardhu, Singleton and Glenkinchie. Jamie explained to us the essential tools for understanding Whisky, telling us to explore our palates and understand our minds to understand how we enjoy these spirits

Nearly all of the taste of whisky comes from its contact with oak casks. Though every whisky has its peak maturation point, the general rule is: younger whisky has more distillery character, and the older whisky more cask influence. There is, however, much more to it than that.

The tasting session revealed the following information on the malts

Singleton of Glen Ord 12YO Single Malt: The only malt from the Black Isle, the Singleton of Glen Ord is a balance of gentle fruity notes and gingery, rich, sweet malt flavours. It has a soft, smooth texture, and is renowned for a pleasantly drying finish.

Talisker 10YO: The key malt that lends Johnnie Walker its smokiness, the Talisker 10 YO has a rich dried-fruit sweetness, which is perfectly complemented by its peppery, long finish. At the back of the mouth is an explosion of pepper that gives this single malt an added depth of flavour, which is warming and intense.

Glenkinchie 12YO: This exquisitely crafted single malt is light, sweet, fresh and creamy, with hints of flowers and cut grass, underpinned by toasted malt and cheese cake notes.

Cardhu 12YO: This single malt has a smooth and well-balanced mouthfeel that lands a sweet and fresh short punch, which is followed by a pronounced drying effect, and has a lingering sweet smoke finish.

Spotted enjoying themselves at the Classic Malts Selection Lounge were designers, socialites, models, and bloggers too. The energetic vibe of the lounge was appreciated by all!

A great experience at the Longue

Five Magical hacks for beauty

Beauty is eternal, said no human ever! We know the beauty that we possess today, it’s going to stagnant tomorrow. We all want it to stay a bit more longer, to give us some more charm than we already possess,but as we live, we bear innumerable change in climate and lifestyle. Thus, our beauty deteriorates with time

Now, between these logical twists, let’s take a turn towards the magical remedy of it. Lets try out these Five magical beauty hacks that we probably never knew before.

  • Toothpaste hack- We all knew toothpaste did clean our teeth,but clearing away blackheads in just a minute is surely magical. Yes, with a toothpaste, you can get rid of those stubborn blackheads within minutes and painlessly. Just apply a pea amount on your nose, rub it for a minute with your fingers and then clean it with a good,clean and soft brush for a minute. You’d discover a new glow and black heads gone after you wash it.

  • Papaya banana crush- We all want shine look on our faces that stars pride of, yes? Well, here’s an easy trick for the same. You not only can get a beautiful, glowing skin, but it gets nourished from inside too. Just crush together a piece of papaya and banana together and rub on your face for two minutes, wash and see the results.

  • Almond oil hack- Worried of the effects of pollution on your skin? Is the daily dust making your skin look dark and dull? Just massage with a little sweet almond oil daily before and after your house and feel the healthy glow.
  • Oats powder hack- Are wrinkles giving you a lot of stress? Worry not! We have got healthy oats to clear the mess. Just grind some handful of oats into fine powder and apply on your skin mixed with milk thrice a week and feel the difference.

  • The magic of vinegar- This one’s an all rounder in creating magic. Be it dull skin or hair, vinegar fits in everywhere. Apply on your skin mixed with rose water for a cleaner look or add-in your bathing water (a tablespoon diluted in a little mug) to give your hair a beautiful shine.

These Five hacks are life savers when it comes to fast, convenient and efficient beauty care. Do try and let us know in the comments how you feel about it.

This post is written by saba ladha, do follow her blog for more such beautiful posts on beauty, health, food and lifestyle. More such magic hacks coming, till then, stay tuned!

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How Micronutrient Deficiency pose Serious Threats to Infant’s Immunity

There is an interesting saying in the field of nutrition – “every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it”- Heather Morgan, MS, NLC. The relevance of this quote has become momentous, as more than half of the deaths of children due to diseases such as diarrhea, measles or cholera -are associated with malnutrition.

The statement holds a lot more importance when we talk about food habits of infants. It is the stage of life, where physical growth and mental development of a child, happen the most. Therefore, feeding infants with the right nutrients holds paramount importance.

Micronutrients are considered the most important in a baby’s diet because the right nutrients help in building the immune system of infants, which protects them from infections and other critical diseases. Malnutrition is counted as the primary cause for immunodeficiency across the globe.

The interconnection between micronutrients and immunity

Micronutrients like zinc and vitamin A play a crucial role in strengthening the immune system especially in the first year of life. According to WHO, vitamin A deficiency causes 1.2-3 million deaths each year. Furthermore, this deficiency is the major cause behind an increased risk of diarrhea, measles, malaria and the overall immunity.

Zinc is also an essential trace mineral, as it plays a significant role in the functioning of immune cells and cell membrane formation. If the child is not fed with adequate amount of zinc, it can cause serious issues as, growth retardation, congenital abnormalities, or even neonatal deaths.

Similarly, other micronutrients such as vitamin D, iron, or iodine plays a key role, in the proper functioning and growth of a newborn, and during later years.

Spreading Awareness about Importance of Micronutrients

A child is dependent on his caretaker for all needs, so it is important that parents or caretakers are aware of the importance of micronutrients. Also, being aware of the sources of these micronutrients is very important. There should be informative or awareness campaigns for first-time parents or caretakers to spread this awareness and educating them about the importance of micronutrients, apart from the consequences of neglecting their need.

It is found that in countries like India, kids are fed with the same food which elders consume – these prevents infants from getting proper nutrition from their food. These diets are often high in macronutrients like carbs and fat, but lack in micronutrients like iron and vitamins. Here intervention is required to fulfill the nutritional needs of infants. Supplement foods rich in micronutrients should be included in an infant’s diet to cater to these needs. There are many options available in market from which the parents can choose from.

With the governments doing their parts in both developed and developing nations in the lines of WHO 2025 initiative and introduction of campaigns to spread awareness and providing supplements for essential micronutrients like vitamin A, positive changes have already started to occur.

Let us hope that new interventions and technical advancements will pave the way to a healthier next generation, in the times to come.

Without Prejudice – a bold story well told by Devasis

Without Prejudice – A novel on the life sketch of a fictional Mumbai Bar Dancer, Without Prejudice, the book, delves deep into the roots of the evolution of these dancers, and attempts to answer how the sudden decision of closure of the Dance Bars in Mumbai  ran the danger and risk of depriving this section of the populace of a dignified way of living, albeit not being seen so by some sections of the society. The story narrates the damage caused by certain archaic laws to this section of the Indians and how the government, administration and general public are completely unaware of the injustice meted to the women from these communities, as highlighted in the book. This is a bold story well told.

About the Author:

Devasis completed his graduation in commerce from Calcutta University.  He did his post-graduate diploma in PR and Communications, thereafter. He chose his career in advertising initially, and later on he took up Public Relations as his profession. He started writing free-lance non-fiction features just after his graduation in college, since the early 1980s during his spare time and continued writing them in various Indian newspapers and magazines till 2003. Thereafter, because of varied overseas and domestic senior executive roles and assignments, his articles became a few and far between.

Devasis currently lives in Mumbai with his family. Without Prejudice is his maiden novel.  He can be contacted at

Without Prejudice is available in leading book stores and in Amazon.
Buy here:

Cost: 450 Inr